Docs for Xcode

Install extra documentation into Xcode with ease
Since version 5, Xcode no longer supports 3rd party docsets. It can display them, but you cannot add new docsets from within Xcode and it won’t update them. You have to do it manually. That’s where the Docs for Xcode app comes in. It installs docsets, subscribes to feeds and keeps the documentation always up to date.
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Requires macOS ≥ 10.9


Please email me at with any questions or feedback. I’m also @vslavik on Twitter and a good bit of my work is over at GitHub.

I don't have the DocSets folder

Due to sandboxing requirements, Docs cannot just add files to Xcode's directory, you have to give it permission first. Usually, this is just a matter of granting access to the folder the app pre-selects, but sometimes, it doesn't exist yet. This can happen e.g. if Xcode is newly installed and didn't have a chance to download any updates to its own docsets yet.

If this happens, you need to create the folder manually, by running the following shell command from Terminal:

        mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets

How do I install docsets?

The simplest way is directly from CocoaDocs — hover over the share icon in the top right corner and add to Docs for Xcode. You can also add a feed manually or just open a docset file.